Best Laid Plans and All That Jazz

It’s a late post, and a quick one, but I promised an update today, and I try to be a woman of my word.

Plans are moving along. We’ll start recruiting bakers for the Blogger Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry hardcore on Monday. I wanted to tell you about all the fun recipes I’m testing, but as you know, school started this week, and it’s kicking my tooshie getting back into the swing of things.

I can tell you about one baking project I started this morning before I left for work. It’s a sourdough starter. I’ll do a full blown walk through after the weekend, but what I can tell you now is that it’s not a regular starter. I used the dregs from a bottle of a beer called Slap Your Momma in it. Those dregs still have a lot of little yeastie beasties in them, and those, along with the wild yeast that is naturally in the air, will hopefully join forces to make an interesting sourdough.

Here’s a picture of my infant starter. I’ll feed it a little every day to keep it bubbling and alive until it’s ready to use.


I’m hoping to make some delicious mini loaves to sell at the bake sale. Fingers are crossed!

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