Month: May 2014

I’m about to get jalapeno business!

So, I was going to just do a post later this weekend, but I had the best week in the kitchen at school (it was Tex-Mex week and despite my initial misgivings, it was SO MUCH FUN!) and I had to share this with you all because it was so easy and delicious and you just have to try it. Did you hear me? HAVE. TO.

I only have one picture, but here it is. It’s not the chili you need to be looking at, it’s that lovely jalapeno shaped thing on the side.


That’s not just your typical jalapeno popper. It’s a jalapeno full of cornbread. Yes, the cornbread goes INSIDE the jalapeno, and then you cover it with cheese and you bake it for 20 minutes and it’s just really effing delicious. I won’t blame you at all if you skip the pretense of garnishing a bowl of chili or soup or something, and just make yourself a tray of these and binge watch The West Wing on Netflix tonight. Maybe treat yourself to some really good beer, too. You deserve it.

I wish I could claim all the credit for this genius invention, but I actually got the idea from Oh Bite It! They provide you a perfectly good cornbread recipe over there, but I’ll also give you the one we used in class.


Customize it however you like. Or instead of stuffing jalapenos, go big and stuff the poblanos, instead. Use a different cheese.  No matter how you do it, you are not going to be disappointed. Bring a buncha these to one of those Memorial Day cook-out things that social people with lives like to attend. If people aren’t bringing you beers and just generally being extra nice to you after trying one of these, you need to get new friends because those people are dumb-dumbs.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, ya’ll!

Just roll with it…

People, it’s been an interesting week. And by interesting, I mean, I’m glad it’s over and next week needs to be less interesting. But, if we’re going to think about the positives of the week, the fact that I had a healthy lunch, in fact, one of my favorite healthy lunches/snacks is at the top of the list. I’m going to show it to you, and show you how to do make it, and your mind is going to be blown by how completely lazy I am easy this is to make for yourself.

Dude, it’s spring rolls. It’s non-complicated. It’s go to the store, buy some rice paper, hit the salad bar for the assemblage of shredded vegetables of your choice, and buy a bottle of peanut sauce. I’m not even going to list out all the ingredients and the equipment because it’s your hands and a bowl. YOUR HANDS AND A BOWL.

Lookit. You buy a package of rice paper wrappers. They’re in the Asian aisle of nearly every grocery store with more than 6 aisles. They’re like, $2 or less a package, and you’re going to get more than you need for one lunch in that package, which means you can make spring rolls over and over again. Grab yourself a bottle of peanut sauce, or tamari, or soy sauce, or fancy mango chili blah blah blah. Whatever kind of sauce you like will probably be delicious, so just get some.

Then, you walk over to the salad bar and check out the shredded veggies. Do you want to stand at your kitchen counter shredding things? Do you have the time/motivation to make perfect juliennes? No, you really don’t. Not when someone at the grocery store is already paid to do that for you with a machine. Get some random combination of shredded vegetable matter and go to the check out. You’re done shopping. No really, you’re done shopping. Ok, maybe grab some of those Reese’s cups, but that’s it. Now you’re really done.

So, you went there. You got those things. Go home. Fill up a bowl with some hot water. Dunk a rice paper wrapper in the hot water until it becomes all flimsy and soft. Lay it on a cutting board or your counter or a plate or whatever, put some of your shredded veggies on there towards the bottom third, roll it up like a burrito.


Here, this will help. I’ll give you a minute to watch.

Look, right there. That’s a spring roll. If you want to add some chicken or shrimp or,  yanno, sliced up baloney, do it! (Not the baloney. Ok, maybe the baloney, but maybe not.)


Make another one. Then another one. Now you have a whole plate full. Pour your sauce into a little cup and put it on the plate with all those delicious, healthy, beautiful spring rolls.


Put it in your face. Eat it. It’s delicious. It took longer to explain it than it will to do it, I promise. These are good for all summer, especially if you’re getting bored of salads. I know vegetables is vegetables, but make them look interesting. Put some thought into it instead of just dumping that bag of mixed leaves on a plate and drowning it in ranch.

You can do this. I have faith in you.

We baked a difference!

Hi folks! Just a quick update to fill you all in on how my very first Blogger Bake Sale went…

I spent the morning prior to the bake sale visiting all the different offices in my building to make sure they knew about it, and had my elves put signage up all over the place on the morning of the sale, just to make sure no one missed the fact that we were selling deliciousness for a good cause. We were set up by 11, with the intention of staying open until 1pm. We had everything from pink lemonade cupcakes, to marshmallow-dark chocolate brownies, to lemon-blueberry pound cake, and the line formed at 10:58am. Things were looking good.

(By the way, if you’re looking for a really great, straight-forward brownie recipe, this one is wonderful! I just added a layer of marshmallows on top during the last 3 minutes of baking to make them extra gooey.)

By noon we had sold 3/4 of our goods, and had raised over $200. In fact, things went so fast that I didn’t have time to take pictures before we had to start selling. By 12:45pm, we were totally sold out, and we had raised $311! That doesn’t count the few online donations we received, as well.


It was a crazy busy week, but in the end, totally worth it! My fellow bakers and I, plus our volunteers who helped set up, sell, and tear down, have a lot to be proud of, and we’re very lucky to work with people who are so generous. I will definitely be doing this again next year. Maybe I can organize something at school. Hmmm…

There’s still time to make a donation, if you’d like. Just head on over here.

Don’t die of shock, but we’ll actually have a recipe on Thursday, and it won’t be sweet OR baked! I’m going to share one of my favorite summertime snacks with you, so stay tuned.