All I want for my birthday is…

As per usual, the end of the quarter at school brings on Panic Mode. This quarter I’m trying to get my menu project wrapped up and it’s a LOT of work. We’ll be back to regularly scheduled recipes and ridiculousness soon. Pinky Swear!

Today is my birthday. I’m never very good at answering those, “What do you want for… (your birthday, Christmas, etc.)?” type questions. It just feels weird to ask for things. I’ve gotten a couple of awesome gifts this year without ever asking, and I like it way more when someone gives because they want to instead of because they feel like they have to.

But I’m going to ask you all for something on my birthday.

Go out to dinner tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or any time this month, really. But, don’t go to just any old restaurant. Go to one that is participating in No Kid Hungry’s Dine Out campaign. These restaurants have promised to help raise money to end childhood hunger in a variety of ways, from special menu items to giving you the opportunity to donate at the register. Some of them are really nice restaurants, and some of them are your local fast food joint, so how much money you spend, and donate, is totally your call. But, you have to do it by the end of September. Maybe even do it more than once.

Yeah, I’m asking as a birthday present for me, but really, I think we all win. You get to eat out, and kids right there in your community get better access to the nutritious food they need to do well in school, retain what they are learning, and keep their little brains and bodies working like they should.

Go here, type in your zip code, and find a place to grub. Just like that, you’re part of the solution. Feels pretty good,  yeah?

For the rest of the month, I’ll be talking about two things.

1) My trip to the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle. I’m so excited I could mess myself. But I won’t, because that would be embarrassing.


2) Organizations that are really putting it out there to end childhood hunger.

For a sneak peak, check out the guest post I did over on the Heroes Like Us site. There’s some great information about No Kid Hungry’s efforts to get every school kid a good breakfast every day, and also, a delicious and easy breakfast idea to help kick start your day. Lookie there, another win-win!


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