Brief Announcement…

So, I’ve been thinking long and hard about some things in relation to my blog & its social media accounts. How to speak up without losing followers. I know there are those who will say that “politics” don’t belong in an account for a food/travel blog. I get the point of view. It’s not a good business decision to speak up, to speak my mind. But, here’s my decision:

Anything that happens, any decision made by those in power to hinder the operation of any person, organization, or department related to the planting, growing, distribution, cooking, eating, disposal of food WILL be discussed here, and on my social media accounts. No, this isn’t becoming a political blog. Not by a long shot. I will always want to talk about the food I’m eating and cooking and the places I go. That will not change. But, these are unprecedented times, and I cannot stay silent about these issues. Climate change, USDA gag rules, etc… these things matter. They are related to what I do, and they demand discussion. I hope my followers will continue to follow with an open mind. Thank you.

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