I’m Gonna Cook That! Is a blog about food, travel, food policy, and food activism/advocacy, in all its many forms.

About the author: Jordan is a lifelong culinary learner, culinary school graduate, and budding food activist/advocate. She is currently traveling the country in her little Honda Civic, volunteering and talking to people from all parts of our food system to learn about how things are changing, and how everyone, from farmers to consumers to chefs, is playing a role in our food system’s evolution. She’s also eating as much delicious food and trying as many new beers as she can, because life is no fun without the occasional fun little detour.

Along with this blog, you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @gonnacookthat.

All writing and photos are my own, unless otherwise noted.

Send all inquiries to Jordan at gonnacookthat@gmail.com.


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