Quick Breakfast

Spaghetti Squash with Ceylon Cinnamon & Honey

Ever roasted a spaghetti squash before? Super easy! 

Poke a bunch of slits into your raw squash with a knife. Put it in a pan, then into a 375 degree oven for an hour. Let it cool for just a little bit so you can cut it open without burning your fingers. Remove the seeds and the pulp, then scrape out the “spaghetti” with a fork. 

It’s got a mild squashy, veggie flavour. You can use it as a sub in pasta dishes, of course, but I was hungry and I just woke up so that makes this breakfast. Just a little good cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey mixed with about a cup of the squash. Tasty and healthy!

Civic Center Eats – Denver

Taco lengua & taco honcho from Pinche Taco, mango lassi from Little India, and an apple hand pie from the Denver Pie Truck for dessert. Nom! #foodtruck #lunch #civiccentereats

Spicy Harissa Shrimp

Harissa spiced shrimp and veggies

9 medium tail on shrimp
four mini sweet peppers, sliced
1/3 cup chopped shiitake mushrooms
1/3 cup chopped portobello mushrooms
1/4 red onion,
1/2 of a large tomato, chopped
2 tsp harissa
1 T olive oil
sea salt to taste

warm the olive oil on a medium high heat. when it gets shimmery, toss in the shrimp and saute for about 2 minutes, then season with salt and 1 tsp of the harissa. stir well to coat, then add the onions and saute for another minute or so. then you can throw in the rest of the veggies, season with another good pinch of salt and the rest of the harissa, then turn the heat down to medium low. let it simmer for another 7 minutes or so, stirring occasionally, until the tomatoes have broken down and started creating a sauce. give it all a big stir to make sure everything is coated in the sauce, pour it in a bowl, and eat it.

serves 1 just like this, or probably two if you serve it over rice or couscous.

Who’d a thunk it?

I’m pretty sure other people have done this before me, but I just got the memo that roasted artichokes are delicious.

half an artichoke, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt and splooshed with a little lemon juice. roasted on 400 for about 18 minutes, face down on top of a small sprig of rosemary. holy tasty, batman!